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ABC Consulting

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ABC Consulting is a consultancy agency that makes forward-thinking companies in the industry reach their full potential. With its consultancy services and clear market vision, ABC helps manufacturers, suppliers, and other industrial players boost their performance.


ABC Consulting felt that their site was outdated. It didn’t resemble the actual brand of ABC Consulting and what they offer. To position themselves as a modern consultancy agency that has embraced doing business digitally, ABC Consulting reached out to us. The briefing was to redesign the existing website into a modern looking website.


ABC Consulting presumed that what they needed was a redesign. But when we got a deeper understanding of the company and more important: the customers, we concluded that just a new design of the website wouldn’t bring ABC closer to reaching their business goals.

Customer-centric redesign
Instead, we zoomed out and examined what bottlenecks prevented web visitors to convert. With these insights we started to restructure the site with the customers in mind. Who is visiting the website? Why? What is the main intent of a visitor? And how can ABC service them?

Need-based grid
Knowing the intent took us in the right direction for creating wireframes. Redesigning with the customers in mind led to a tailormade need-based grid. This grid contains 8 tiles with common and actual needs and problems. This became the silver thread through the most important pages.

Relevant content in images and text
Once we set up the new and improved foundation, we created relevant content. Every content block had to reflect ABC’s professionalism, expertise, and reliability, combined with their hands-on, modern, and digital approach ánd their personal involvement. Not only in text but also in images. That’s why instead of stock images, we used authentic photos that were taken at ABC’s office.


The result is a state-of-the-art website that looks both modern and professional.
We performed significant changes on the website to better serve the ABC’s visitors. From the structure, code, and content to the visuals and the user flow. All changes had one goal: to show ABC’s professionalism, boost lead generation, and improve the over-all user experience (UX).

Speed optimization
Although the website contains a lot of dynamic and interactive elements, this doesn’t cause slow loading times or a bad user experience. We designed the page according the ‘mobile-first’ principle. The result is a website created at the ultimate cutting edge of three aspects: design, interactivity and speed.

2021 High-speed Recovery Program Landingpage
At the end of 2020 ABC Consulting received many requests for help from industrial companies. They were hit to a greater or lesser degree by the Covid-19 measures and needed advice and guidance.

We created a special landing page focused on consulting in times of crisis: the 2021 High-speed Recovery Program. The program includes a roadmap to success addressing the pain points of ABC’s customer. This page shows how ABC is always engaged in researching and applying innovative solutions.


Get in touch with us if you are curious about how we can help you. We’re always interested in new projects, big and small.