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Want to Sell More Products with a Higher Margin?

We help Industrial Companies Succeed Digitally and Make Them Grow.

Conventional Marketing is no longer Effective

In the industrial sector around 60% of the buying process happens online, before a buyer speaks a word with the company! Despite this we see many industrial companies not effectively engage their audience online. Most of the time because:

The value of online marketing for the industry is neglected

The only marketing activity consists of participating in traditional fairs or trade shows

No clear mission or ‘why’ statement is defined

No personas or customer journeys are identified

The website is outdated

The content is low-quality or doesn’t offer the desired information

The website fails to convert visitors into leads

Use our Rock-solid Industrial Marketing Approach

In order to meet targets, to reach potential customers and to connect with the best leads, we use a clear and proven marketing approach, designed specifically to create new opportunities and drive results.

Strategy to Succeed

  • Rock-Solid Strategy
  • Razor-Sharp Messaging
  • Straightforward Marketing Plan

Website Optimization

  • Undeniable Engaging Website Design
  • High-Impact Content Creation
  • Maximized Visibility

Lead Generation

  • Targeted Pipeline Management
  • Effective Funnel for Qualified Leads
  • Clear Marketing Analytics

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Our Tactics to Grow Sales

We know how to be successful in the industry. With our effective online marketing tactics you reach and engage B2B buyers and win business.

Case Studies

The following cases show what we’ve done for some of our clients in the industry.

Digital Transformation


Corporate Identity


Get in touch with us if you are curious about how we can help you. We’re always interested in new projects, big and small.

What Our Customers Say

Josip Abramovic
Owner @ STARK Elektromotoren

“Our online presence has improved immensely and we received very quick results in terms of marketing impact. Technically, our traffic increased by 100%. But since we’re a new brand and started at zero, the increase is probably closer to 200%. I’d equate about 30–40% of those metrics to Dutch Synergy’s webdesign and marketing work. Dutch Synergy is fast becoming a leader in industrial marketing.”

Dr. Toni Bienemann MBA
CEO at OMEC Motors

“Dutch Synergy has helped us with the digital transformation of OMEC Motors in order
to serve our customers and global distribution network fast and efficient.”

Coen Paulides
CEO at BEGE Power Transmission

““If you’re a company focusing on technical components in machinery and industry equipment, Dutch Synergy can help differentiate you from your competitors. If you really want to stand out and show what kind of innovative company you are, I highly recommend working with them.”